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My name is Lindsay and I'm a Junior Biology major working towards a Spanish minor. I am also a swimmer and I am trying to stay in shape to become the best athlete that I can possibly be. My goal is to lose at least 10lbs, preferably 15+ but honestly if get to the point where I can see my abs/ can get great, defined body I will be stoked no matter what my weight is at that time.
Height: 5' 8"
SW: 150
CW: 144lbs
GW: 133lbs

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Training Trip: Day 8, 3 Practices to Go

These past few days have been really insanely tough in the pool. We had doubles on Tuesday and Wednesday with some really hellish sets including IM and stroke for anywhere from 50-200 meters. We had a mini lactic set on Wednesday night followed by an entire day of lactics yesterday including 200’s LCM in stroke followed by 8 100’s all out in stroke (so fly for me). And THEN our coach tells us that he’s trying not to over work us but that we’re going to do 18-20 100’s in stroke and tomorrow we’re doing 30 50’s in stroke with a meet in the afternoon….How is that not overworking us!?!?!?!?! On the bright side, I’m finally feeling numb in my shoulders and legs so it doesn’t hurt so much anymore. I really just can’t wait to go home on the 23rd for our Christmas arty and be done with training trip because, as much fun as it is to be with the team, 10 days is a long time to be around the same people and I really am going bonkers. Hope everyone’s getting in to the holiday spirit!!


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